Popular Articles

  1. Lycoming Wide Deck and Narrow Deck Engines

    Information on identifying the difference between standard and wide deck configurations in the O-360 and IO-360 Lycoming engines.
  2. PMA Supplement List

    Download the PDF spreadsheet of all FAA Parts Manufacturing Approval eligible parts available from Univair. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file. Once you have opened the file, you can search for a particular part number by ...
  3. Ercoupe 415-C Flight Manual

    Erco never issued a “flight manual” for the 415-C or the 415-CD. In 1946 when most of the 415-C and 415-CD aircraft were manufactured, the Civil Aeronautics Authority (CAA) had no requirement for a flight manual. As such, the 415-C Weight and Balance form was and remains the only approved data requirement for the 415-C.
  4. Piper PA-22 Instrument Panel Modification STC

    Modifications to Tri-Pacer and Colt instrument panels to use modern 3-1/8" instruments per STC-SA00428SE.
  5. AN Hardware Guide

    This 4 page illustrated guide shows the AN3 through AN6264 hardware available from Univair.
  6. TCDS for Luscombe

    Download PDF Type Certificate Data Sheets for Luscombe 8 Series aircraft.
  7. Luscombe Model Configurations

    Luscombe 8 Series Model Configurations (8A, 8B, 8C, 8D, 8E, and 8F)
  8. Piper PA-18 Control Cable Tension

    Information regarding control cable tension adjustments per the Owner’s Manual for the 1974 and later PA-18 Super Cubs.
  9. TCDS for Stinson

    Download PDF Type Certificate Data Sheets for Stinson 108 Series aircraft.
  10. AD 2015-08-04 In-flight Separation of Wing

    Inspecting the wing lift struts for corrosion and forks for cracks, and making necessary repairs.