Piper J-4

SB-23 Piper J-4 Removal of Bug Screen

As a precautionary measure, the Civil Aeronautics Authority requests that the bug screen installed inside the carburetor air scoop be removed.

SB-28 Piper J-4 Electrical Wiring

Information about certain features in the electrical wiring system of the Piper J-4 aircraft which the Civil Aviation Authority feels should be corrected.

SB-46 Piper J-3/J-4 Strainer Attachment Fittings

Failure of strainer/carburetor attaching fittings which may be attributed metal fatigue.

SB-48 Piper J-4 Muffler Inspection to Prevent Engine Failure

Remedial measures for preventing muffler and engine failures.

SB-50 Piper J-2 thru J-5 Ribstitching

Reported failures of the ribstitching both in the wing and control surface covering which may result in the fabric being torn from the structure while in flight.

SB-55 Piper J-4/J-5 Fuel Tank Vents

Reports of the listed model airplanes that the engine will not operate properly with low fuel in the 7 gallon header tank.

SB-56 Piper J-4/J-5 Wing Aileron Bellcrank Bracket Failures

Wing aileron bellcrank brackets failing due to parking or staking out the airplane with the tail into the wind without securing the controls.

SB-61 Piper Aging of Protective Finish on Wood Wing Spars

A noticeable aging of the spar finish occurs in listed airplane models that are continually exposed to adverse atmospheric conditions.

SB-65 Piper J-4/J-5 Fuel Tank Repairs

Instructions for repairs of minor cracks, pin holes and failed spot welds in the stainless steel wing tanks.

SB-66 Piper Flexible Hose End Fittings (3/8" Synthetic)

Testing for secure attachment of flexible hose end fittings.

SB-71 Piper J-3/J-4/J-5 Exhaust Muffler Inspection and Repair

Inspecting for cracks at or near the weld beads at the attachment of the muffler outer shell to the end plates.

SB-74 Piper J-4 Rigging Procedure

Correction to the rigging procedure found on Page 3, Section 2, of the Piper J-4 Service Manual.

SB-79 Piper J-4 Nose Rib Structure Reinforcement

Describes the method to be used in reinforcing the nose structure of the ribs.

SB-80 Piper J-3/J-4 Fuel Valve Control

Installing a spring on the fuel shut-off to assist opening of the valve.

SB-82 Piper Safety Wire for Control System Turnbuckles

Due to a number of reported failures of single strand .032" safety wire used on control system turnbuckles, it is considered necessary to replace the safety wire with single strand .040" brass or copper wire.

SB-112B Piper J-3 Thru PA-17 Service Inspection Notes

These inspection notes are issued as a recommended check list to assist owners, operators, and maintenance personnel in keeping their Piper airplanes in an airworthy condition.

SB-174B Piper Inspection and Maintenance of Fuselage Fabric Around Windshield Top

How to fix difficulties with the fabric where it attaches to the fuselage under the windshield top and/or directly over the rear edge of the windshield top attachment channel.

SB-528D Piper Wing Lift Strut Inspection

Revises compliance time, purpose, and instructions for inspection and/or replacement of wing lift strut assembly. Also announces the availability of new sealed lift struts.

SB-819 Piper Fuselage Door Frame Tube Corrosion

Compromised structural integrity of the fuselage due to excessive rust and corrosion between steel tubing and preformed sheet steel material.

SL-298A Obsolete Aircraft Notice From Piper

This letter is to advise all concerned that as of September 1st, 1962, the Piper Aircraft Corporation considers the following aircraft models obsolete inasmuch as they have been out of production for at least seven years.