Conversion of Ercoupe 415-D to 415-C Designation

Information regarding converting an Ercoupe 415-D to a 415-C.

Data Plate Part Numbers - Ercoupe and Stinson

Data plate part numbers for Erocupe and Stinson aircraft.

Ercoupe 415-C Flight Manual

Erco never issued a “flight manual” for the 415-C or the 415-CD. In 1946 when most of the 415-C and 415-CD aircraft were manufactured, the Civil Aeronautics Authority (CAA) had no requirement for a flight manual. As such, the 415-C Weight and Balance form was and remains the only approved data requirement for the 415-C.

Ercoupe Control Wheel Installation Instructions

Instructions for installing the Ercoupe control wheel part number 415-52055-6.

Ercoupe Nose Gear Geometry - Coupe Capers Sept 1991

Discussion of water in the fuel system, adjusting the tail height, and correct nose gear geometry in Ercoupe 415 Series airplanes.

Ercoupe Production History

This 101 page document contains the production history of Ercoupe 415-C thru 415-G airplanes, listed by serial number.

Ercoupe Tech Note on Elevators

The 415 Series Ercoupe used three different elevators over the course of its production. The type and size of trim tab used on your airplane will depend on a number of factors.

Ercoupe Wing Attach Hardware

List of attaching hardware for Ercoupe front and rear beams.

SK-48 Center Section Repair Spar Reinforcement Instructions

Instructions and drawing for Service Kit 48.