Piper PA-16

Piper J-2 thru PA-17 Inspection Sheet

Subject: This comprehensive inspection report provides recommendations for an inspection program per requirements of FAR Part 43 and Advisory Circular 91-60 (The Continued Airworthiness of Older Airplanes). Applicability:   J-2 Series Cub...

Piper Lift Strut Fork - Maximum Extension

Subject: Typical and maximum number of exposed strut threads as permitted for rigging on Piper aircraft. Applicability: Piper J-3, J-4, J-5, and PA-11 through PA-22 Download PDF: Lift-Strut-Fork-Extension.pdf Piper Strut Thread (Typical ...

Piper PA-16 Attach Hardware Lists

Download PDFs of various Attach Hardware Lists for Piper PA-16 (Landing Gear, Lift Strut, and Tailwheel Spring).

Piper PA-16 Paint Scheme

Downloadable paint scheme sheet for Piper PA-16.