Ercoupe 415-C Flight Manual

Ercoupe 415C Flight Manual

Erco never issued a “flight manual” for the 415-C or the 415-CD. In 1946 when most of the 415-C and 415-CD aircraft were manufactured, the Civil Aeronautics Authority (CAA) had no requirement for a flight manual. (This was also the case for the aircraft manufactured prior to WW II.) At that time, each Ercoupe was sold with a weight and balance form that reflected the serial number, the manufacture date and equipment list. All the necessary flight information (and limitations) needed by the pilot were displayed on the instrument panel in the form of placards and instrument markings. As such, the 415-C Weight and Balance form was and remains the only approved data requirement for the 415-C.

Erco further addressed this matter in Ercoupe Information Letter No. 2. A copy of this letter may be obtained at the following link:

As airplanes of this era were improved and became more sophisticated, the CAA realized the need for additional information to be readily available to the pilot. Consequently, the CAA required flight manuals for the 415-D and all later versions of the Ercoupe series.

According to Erco production records, there were only two factory built 415-D models. The balance of all other 415-D aircraft were converted from either the 415-C or 415-CD via the provision for this modification in the Ercoupe Type Certificate Data Sheets A-718 and A-787. We at Univair, in an effort to provide the owners of the 415-C models more operational information are supplying the 415-D flight manual and we include a blank weight and balance form for the 415-C. The 415-C had a gross weight of 1260 lbs.and the 415-D had a gross weight of 1400 lbs. Aside from this difference in the gross weight and loading envelope, the operation of both aircraft are essentially the same.

The 415-CD is for all practical purposes identical to the 415-D with the exception of the gross weight – 1260 lbs. The 415-C Weight and Balance Form may also be used for the 415-CD. The engine and propeller are different and there is a different trim tab. These differences in equipment are negligible in weight and create no changes affecting the gross weight or the weight and balance envelope.

Download PDF: 415C-and-415CD-Flight-Manual.pdf