Piper PA-22

LPC-1 Amendment A Mandatory Landing Gear Product Improvement

To preclude the possibility of failure at the upper shock strut-drag tube area of the LPC 1012 series landing gear vees used in the STC-SA45RM taildragger modification, a second gusset has been added to the upper end of the streamline brace tube.

SA MISC/TP-1000 Piper Replacing Brake Drum Flange on Wheel Assembly

Procedures for replacing brake drum flanges on PA-22, PA-23, PA-24 and PA-25 wheel assemblies.

SA MISC/TP-1001A Piper Engine Mounting

Tightening engine mounting bolts to obtain a torque of (40) inch pounds.

SB-116 Piper PA-20/PA-22 Battery Box Lid

Instructions for inspecting the battery box lid for proper clearance between the lid and the battery terminals.

SB-117B Piper PA-20/PA-22 Chafing of Master Switch Wires

Immediate inspection of clearance between the aileron cable and the master switch wires (from the master switch to the ammeter).

SB-118 Piper Battery Box Lid Modification

Modifying the battery box lid to eliminate the possibility of "shorting" the battery terminal wing nuts.

SB-119 Piper PA-22 Freezing of Nose Wheels

Solution to water freezing in the oleo housing, which causes the nose wheel to become inoperative in regards to directional steering both on the ground and in the air.

SB-121 Piper PA-18/PA-20/PA-22 Oil Radiator Lines

Misalignment of the oil radiator lines on the Lycoming 0-290-D2 135 horsepower engines at the point where they pass through the rear engine baffle.

SB-122 Piper Fuel Grade Specification for Lycoming O-290-D2 Engines

Correction to the fuel grade specification in flight manuals and fuel tank placards for the Lycoming O-290-D2 engines.

SB-123 Piper PA-20/PA-22 Front Spar Interference

Inspection to determine if there is interference between the inboard end of the front spar web and the aileron pulley attachment bolt in the area of the front wing hinge fitting.

SB-124 Piper PA-22 Landing Gear Reinforcement

Modification and reinforcement of landing gear to prevent cracks in the leading edge of the streamlined tube where it joins the inboard end of the axle.

SB-135 Piper PA-20/PA-22 Fuel Selector Valve Pointer

Instructions for correcting an incorrectly installed pointer on the fuel selector valve.

SB-141 Piper Fuel Selector Valve

Possibility of the fuel valve detent pins in a few valves were improperly centered, thus preventing positive indication of valve position.

SB-148A Piper PA-18/PA-22 Fuel Tank Caps

A recent design change to the fuel tank caps has created a possible hazard to the venting system and it is therefore requested that the caps be reworked in the following manner.

SB-153A Piper PA-22 Brake Master Cylinder Diaphragm

Failures of the diaphragm in the B711 Scott Master Cylinder used on the PA-22 Tri-Pacer within 300 or 400 hours of operation.

SB-161A Piper Fire Hazard

To preclude the possibility of in-flight fires, the following inspection and rework is necessary to eliminate combustible material and possible ignition sources from the area aft of the firewall underneath the forward cabin floor.

SB-163A Piper PA-20/PA-22 Fusing of Cigar Lighter Circuit

Installing an additional standard fuse (15A Bussman #AGC-15) in the wire between the cigar lighter and the ammeter at the next 100 hour inspection to protect against a short circuit condition.

SB-166 Piper PA-22 Chafing of Master Switch Wires

Inspection of clearance between the pilot's seat and the master switch wires.

SB-174B Piper Inspection and Maintenance of Fuselage Fabric Around Windshield Top

How to fix difficulties with the fabric where it attaches to the fuselage under the windshield top and/or directly over the rear edge of the windshield top attachment channel.

SB-181 Piper Replacement of Flexible Stainless Steel Control Cables

Mandatory replacement of 1/8 - 7 x 19 flexible stainless steel control cables to prevent cracked nicopress sleeves.