Ercoupe Nose Gear Geometry - Coupe Capers Sept 1991

Water in Fuel System, Tail Height and Correct Nose Gear Geometry

At the 1991 National Convention in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, there was a lot of talk about how various problems were related to the design of the landing gear.

There wasn't a soul in attendance that thought Fred's overall design was faulty – rather, the consensus was that the original design was wizardly well done! Unfortunately, some problems that have come up have been attributed to the aging of the parts that makes our forty year old landing gears deviate from the designed shape.

Reference: Reproduced from Coupe Capers, September 1991 issue


  • Intro: The Great Landing Gear Discussion – Ed Burkhead
  • Article: Your Landing Gear May Be Dangerous to You – Harry Lapham

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