New Articles

  1. AD 47-06-10 Aileron Carry-Through Bar

    To prevent possible locking of aileron system at full throw, install carry-through bar between the ends of the aileron control chain.
  2. AD 46-44-03 Windshield Retaining Channel

    Rework attachment of windshield upper edge to insure that the windshield will not pull out at the top and alter airflow, seriously affecting operation of the airplane.
  3. AD 48-43-02 Continental C-145-2 Engines

    Replacement of piston pin and plug assemblies to preclude the possibility of disintegration of the piston pin plugs, failure of pistons, and complete engine failure.
  4. AD 2012-08-06 Flight Controls

    Required inspections of the ailerons, aileron balance assembly, and aileron rigging for looseness or wear, and required repair or replacement of parts as necessary.
  5. AD 55-22-02 Fuel Tank Leakage

    Replacing leaky fuel tank with one made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy before the next flight.
  6. AD 54-26-02 Control Cable Fraying

    Inspection of control cables for continual fraying and failure in the control column assembly.
  7. AD 46-23-03 Aileron Control Column Fitting

    Due to the possibility of a defective fitting on the upper end of the control column shaft in the aileron control system, the system should be tested to a load of 94 pounds.
  8. AD 46-23-01 Muffler Replacement

    Replacing the original muffler on the serial numbers listed above with a new muffler.
  9. AD 55-24-01 Corrosion Inspection

    Extreme surface corrosion has been found to exist inside the fuselage spar carry through structures of Luscombe Series 8 aircraft, particularly in those airplanes located near coastal areas.
  10. AD 50-37-01 Fuel System Modifications

    Luscombe equipped with carburetor engines and fuselage fuel tanks without appropriate modifications to the fuel system may experience engine failure during takeoff and climb under low fuel conditions.