New Articles

  1. AD 2009-22-02 Inspection of Rear Seat Back Hinge Area

    Required inspection of the rear seat back hinge areas for cracking and excessive elongation of the rear seat hinge bolt hole and replacement of the rear seat frame if necessary.
  2. AD 89-18-06 Front Folding Seats

    Directions to prevent failure of the seat back which could result in loss of control of the airplane.
  3. AD 80-21-06 Muffler Core and Body Assembly

    Prevention of a degradation of the induction system icing protection or partial engine power loss.
  4. AD 67-03-02 Fuel Shutoff Valve Bracket

    Until the lower bracket supporting the fuel shutoff valve is modified in accordance with Champion Service Letter No. 73, acrobatic maneuvers in aircraft of these models may not be performed.
  5. AD 49-11-02 Wing Attach Fitting

    To prevent failure of the rear fuselage-wing attachment fitting, reinforcement is to be accomplished by either of the following methods.
  6. AD 48-08-02 Cleveland Wheels

    Remove the tires and inspect the wheel flanges for fatigue cracks.
  7. AD 47-20-01 Gascolator Bowl Cleaning

    Removing the gascolator bowl and cleaning the strainer screen to remove accumulations of water and foreign matter.
  8. AD 81-16-04 Installation of Competition Harness

    Directions to insure that the competition harness (also referred to as the ACRO harness) is installed properly.
  9. AD 47-43-08 Propeller Blade Retainer Ferrule

    Removing the R003-201 propeller blades and visually inspecting the propeller blade retainer ferrule for cracks.
  10. AD 47-43-04 Rudder Control Cable Horns

    Remove the forward part of the tunnel fairing on the cockpit floor and inspect the control cable horns on the rudder bar for signs of bending.