New Articles

  1. Piper PA-12 Flap STC Holder Information

    Contact information for purchasing STC-SA578AL for the "Day and Night" Piper PA-12 flap installation.
  2. SM-03A Piper Aluminum Spar Repair Information

    Spar repair information for Piper aircraft with aluminum spars.
  3. AD 72-20-06 Aerobatic Flight Placard

    Prevent flight controls malfunction including possible loss of control due to cable failure.
  4. AD 56-04-01 Control Stick Socket Castings

    Inspection of front and rear control stick socket castings for cracks at the ears to which the push-pull tube attaches.
  5. AD 47-30-01 Lift Strut Wing Attach Fittings

    Replacement of front lift strut wing attachment fittings to prevent failure of lift strut wing fitting due to tie-down loads.
  6. AD 49-15-01 Seat Anchorage Rework

    In order to prevent the seat belt anchorage from failing during crash landings, it has been found necessary to modify the seat installation as follows.
  7. AD 62-24-03 Cabin Heat System

    Failures of the exhaust stacks have occurred in the area of the cabin heat muffs, causing hazardous carbon monoxide contamination of the cabin when cabin heat is used.
  8. AD 50-31-01 Inspection of Fin Spar

    How to remove the fin for spar inspection, and required replacement parts if failure exists.
  9. AD 47-43-06 Inspection of Aileron Support Ribs

    Inspect the aileron support ribs for indications of buckling or cracking.
  10. AD 47-43-03 Seaplane Spreader Struts

    Due to the independent suspension of the floats, racking loads imposed by rough water operation can cause extensive structural damage. As a result, the following inspections and modifications are necessary.