Piper PA-12 Flap STC Holder Information

Contact information for purchasing STC-SA578AL for the "Day and Night" Piper PA-12 flap installation.

Download PDF: PA12-Flap-STC.pdf

March 23, 2004


TO: All Sales, Warehouse and Engineering Staff
FROM: Mike Sellers

Re: PA-12 Flap Kit Drawings and STC.

As of this date, Univair will no longer be supplying the “Day and Night” drawings for the PA-12 Flap installation. Ron Sullivan, one of the former owners of Day and Night has contacted me. He knows that we have been selling the PA-18 hardware and his drawings. He also knows that we have been stating that a FAA 337 Field Approval is required. He says that is unnecessary when he holds STC-SA578AL. IN THE FUTURE WE WILL ADVISE ALL CUSTOMERS WHO PURCHASE THE PA-12 FLAP KIT THAT AN STC IS AVAILABLE AND MAY BE PURCHASED DIRECTLY FROM THE STC HOLDER.

Mr. Sullivan will be selling this STC for $125. He may be contacted at:

Ron Sullivan
P.O. Box 110164
Anchorage, AK 99511
e-mail rsullivan@alaska.com

Amend all kit lists to exclude the package of drawings. Make note of these changes in your catalogs. The flap kit listing on page 55 of the Univair catalog will be changed accordingly upon the next printing.

NOTE: As of January 2024, Univair stopped selling the PA-12 Flap kits. The STC can still be purchased from Ron Sullivan, whose contact information has changed since the publication of the above letter:

Ron Sullivan
32327 Carrie Ann Ct.
Sterling, AK 99672