VSP-62 Piper Inspection of Impulse Coupling Cam Assemblies

Piper Vendor Service Publication No. 62

Referenced Vendor: Lycoming Service Bulletin No. 464A

Applicability: Piper PA-12, PA-14, PA-16, PA-18, PA-20, PA-22, PA-23, PA-24, PA-25, PA-28, PA-30, PA-32, PA-34, PA-36, PA-38, PA-39, PA-44 (see service bulletin for full list of models and serial numbers affected)

System: Engine

Issue Date: April 7, 1986

Subject: Inspection of impulse coupling cam assemblies.

Summary: Addresses a potential for impulse coupling failure, which can result in total loss of engine power.

Open PDF: PIP_VSP-62.pdf