SL-298A Obsolete Aircraft Notice From Piper

Piper Service Letter No. 298A

Applicability: Piper B-2, E-2, F-2, J-2, J-3, J-4, J-5, PA-11, PA-12, PA-14, PA-15, PA-16, PA-17, L-4, L-14, L-18B, TG-8, HE1, NE1, PA-20

System: Miscellaneous

Issue Date: September 7, 1962

Subject: Obsolete Aircraft Notice From Piper

Summary: This letter is to advise all concerned that as of September 1st, 1962, the Piper Aircraft Corporation considers the following aircraft models obsolete inasmuch as they have been out of production for at least seven years.

Open PDF: PIP_SL0298A.pdf