SB-19 Alon/Forney/Mooney Fuel System Modifications

Alon Service Bulletin No. 19


  • Forney F-1 and F-1A, with Continental C-90 engines and Marvel-Schebler MA-3-SPA carburetor
  • Forney F-1A, serial number 5764
  • Alon A-2, serial number A-2 thru A-245
  • Alon and Mooney models A-2A, serial numbers B-246 thru B-298
  • Mooney M-10, serial numbers 690001 thru 690008

System: Fuel

Issue Date: -

Subject: Carburetor and fuel system modifications

Summary: Certain combinations of atmospheric conditions, aircraft attitudes, fuel levels and/or normal flight maneuvers, may result in a condition where fuel starvation can occur.

Open PDF: ALON_SB19.pdf