SB-33 Rev A Ercoupe Fuel Shut Off Valve

Ercoupe Service Bulletin No. 33 Revision A


  • All Ercoupe 415-C, 415-CD, 415-D, 415-E and 415-G aircraft
  • All Forney F-1 and F-1A aircraft
  • All Alon A-2 and A-2A aircraft
  • All Mooney M10 aircraft

System: Fuel

Issue Date: March 5, 2012

Description: Fuel shut off valve position inspection

Summary: Reports of the wing tank fuel shut off valve, located inline prior to the fuel pump, being left in the “Closed” position during engine run-up and flight, resulting in engine ceasing to function properly upon fuel starvation.

Open PDF: ERC_SB-33A.pdf