Piper J-2 thru PA-17 Inspection Sheet

Subject: This comprehensive inspection report provides recommendations for an inspection program per requirements of FAR Part 43 and Advisory Circular 91-60 (The Continued Airworthiness of Older Airplanes).


  • J-2 Series Cub
  • J-3, NE-1, L-4 Series Cub
  • J-4 Series Coupe
  • J-5, J-5C, L-14, AE-1, HE-1 Series Cub Cruiser
  • PA-11 Cub Special
  • PA-12 Super Cruiser
  • PA-14 Family Cruiser
  • PA-15 and PA-17 Vagabond
  • PA-16 Clipper

Download PDF: Piper-Inspection-Form-J2-PA17.pdf

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