Piper PA-11

SM-04 Piper Brake and Oleo Strut System Fluid Usage

Table showing the type of brake fluid used in airplanes manufactured by the Piper Aircraft Corporation.

SM-05 Piper J-3/PA-11 Rigging Procedure

Rigging and leveling procedures for Piper J-3 Cub Special and PA-11 aircraft.

SM-12 Piper Shock Cord Application

Shock cord application chart for listed Piper models.

SM-13 Piper Engine Conversion - PA-11 65hp to 90hp

List of parts required for the conversion of a PA-11 65hp to a PA-11 90hp.

SM-22 Piper Materials to Recover Component Parts

Approximate list of materials required to cover and finish the various component assemblies of the listed piper planes.

SM-23 Piper Approximate Materials to Recover

Approximate material required to recover Piper J-3, PA-11, PA-15, PA-17 and PA-18 aircraft using raw fabric and cellulose acetate butyrate dope.

SM-28 Piper Miscellaneous FAA Field Approvals

The following installations have been FAA approved in the field. The party securing the approval is also listed.

SM-46 Piper PA-11 Specifications and Performance

General specifications of the Piper PA-11 Cub Special.

VSP-100 Piper Defective Diagrams in Master Cylinder

Information on replacing an existing diaphragm suspected to be defective in master brake cylinders installed in listed Piper aircraft models.