TCDS for Piper

Download PDF Type Certificate Data Sheets for Piper J-3 through PA-25 aircraft. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print PDFs.

A-691 Piper J-3 (Continental Engine) and PA-11

A-692 Piper J-3 (Franklin Engine)

A-698 Piper J-3 (Lycoming Engine)

A-703 Piper J-4

A-725 Piper J-5

A-780 Piper PA-12

A-797 Piper PA-14

A-800 Piper PA-15

1A1 Piper PA-16

A-805 Piper PA-17

1A2 Piper PA-18

1A4 Piper PA-20

1A6 Piper PA-22

2A8 Piper PA-25