Alon and Mooney M-10

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SB-33 Rev A Ercoupe Fuel Shut Off Valve

Reports of the wing tank fuel shut off valve, located inline prior to the fuel pump, being left in the “Closed” position during engine run-up and flight, resulting in engine ceasing to function properly upon fuel starvation.

SB-35 Rev A Alon/Mooney Aileron Pushrod and Control Horn Inspection

Reports of internal corrosion found on Ercoupe aileron pushrod tubes.

SB-36 Alon/Mooney Throttle Cable Inspection

Visual inspection of the throttle cable and housing for fatigue and possible cracking.

SL-01 Alon Returned Parts and Warranty Procedures

Procedures for returning materials to Alon, Inc., McPherson, Kansas, are summarized.

SL-02 Alon Service Letter/Bulletin Compliance Record

Alon, Inc. is inaugurating our Service Letter/Bulletin Compliance Program which will allow Alon, Inc. to more closely monitor the maintenance on the A2 Aircoupe.

SL-03 Alon Returned Goods (Instruments)

Acceptable handling methods for returning malfunctioning or warrantied instruments to Alon, Inc.

SM-01 Ercoupe/Forney Nylon Bearings in Rudder Bellcrank

To eliminate the need for continuous re-oiling of the bellcrank as required in Ercoupe Service Memo No. 63, it is recommended that the assembly be reworked.