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SL-355 Piper Stainless Steel Control Cables

The following listing indicates the part numbers of the old type stainless steel control cables and the replacement cables of new design which may be used.

SL-609 Piper Control Surfaces Inspection and Maintenance Guidelines

General guidelines for inspection and maintenance of control surfaces.

SL-682B Piper Required Inspection of Piston Pin

Failure of part number 69650 piston pins, caused by transverse grinding or heat cracks which occurred during manufacture of the piston pin.

SL-718 Piper Bendix Magneto Bulletin No. 566

Information on how to improve the lubrication characteristics of the Bendix S-1200 series magnetos.

SL-740 Piper Aviation Fuel Requirements for Avco Lycoming Engines

Operational and maintenance procedures used to reduce or maintain lead deposits at a minimum when using higher lead content aviation fuel more than 25% of engine operating time.

SL-953 Piper Shoulder Harness Installation Availability

Availability of required material and instructions for the installation of an approved shoulder harness at each seat location in all Pipers.

SL-1069 Piper Flight Control Cable Terminal Corrosion Inspection

Corrosion and pitting on control cable attachment fittings could lead to loss of some flight controls.

SL-1135 Piper Control Cable and Pulley Inspection

Over time, a chafing condition resulting from the control cable sliding against the stationary pulley groove can cause the control cable to wear completely through, possibly resulting in loss of aileron control during flight.

SL-1141 Piper Gascolator Maintenance Procedures

Maintenance procedures for improving the reliability of the gascolator.

SM-01 Piper Seaplane Finishes

The following information covers seaplane structural finishes called for in Piper Specification No. 10.

SM-03A Piper Aluminum Spar Repair Information

Spar repair information for Piper aircraft with aluminum spars.

SM-26 Piper Refinishing and Rejuvenating Planes Finished with Butyrate Dope

Refinishing procedure for airplanes which are finished with Butyrate dope and which are to be refinished with Butyrate dope, or "Duraclad".

SM-27 Piper Refinishing and Rejuvenating Planes Finished with Nitrate Dope

Refinishing procedure for airplanes which are finished with Nitrate dope and which are to be refinished with Butyrate dope, or "Duraclad".

SM-65 Piper Safety Precautions

Safety procedure instructions which must become an integral part of the aircraft owner's operational routine and/or preflight inspection.

SM-70C Piper Application of Randacryl Lacquer

Refinishing procedure for airplanes with enamel type finish and airplanes finished with acrylic lacquer.

SM-76 Piper Suggested Refinishing Procedures for Synthetic Fibers

Refinishing procedure for airplanes covered with synthetic cloth.

VSP-1 Lycoming Oil Pump Impeller and Drive Replacement

Replacing the oil pump drive shaft and drive impeller in select Lycoming engines.

VSP-5 Piper Use of Alternate Aviation Grade Fuels

Use of alternate aviation grade fuels in engines originally certificated on 80/87, 91/96 and 100/130 grade fuels.

VSP-30 Piper Impulse Coupling Inspection

The attached publications may affect Bendix equipment installed in Piper airplanes.

VSP-118 Piper Lycoming Service Instruction No. 1267C "Piston Pin Plug Usage"

Information regarding piston pin plug replacement during engine overhaul.