Stinson Axle Nuts

Subject: Corrections to the Stinson Parts Manual regarding the axle nuts.

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Stinson Axle Nuts

Please note the following on page 61 of your Stinson Parts manual and in the related pages of your Univair catalog:

In the Stinson Parts Catalog correct Fig 28, item 5a to p/n 108—5112006-6 Stinson 108, 108-1, 108-2 and 108-3 up to s/n 4434 had Goodyear Wheels & Brakes and used the 5111006 axle nut. This is the “thick” nut at 0.780”. This nut is the nut that is required for the 199-08700 kit.

The last 41 Stinson 108-3s built, s/n 4435-4476, originally had Van Sickle (Cleveland) drum and shoe type wheels and brakes. (The same style as the PA-22). These aircraft use the “thin” axle nut, 5112006-6.

If the 199-08700 kit is installed on these last 41 aircraft, they will require the earlier “thick” nut, 5111006. The installation of this kit will also require conversion to ¼” brake lines from the coiled line all the way to the brake. They will require 2 ea 5101304 flex hoses and 2 ea 5101000-18 hard lines.