SB 2007-001 Taylorcraft Wing Lift Strut Assembly Corrosion Inspection

Taylorcraft Service Bulletin No. 2007-001

Applicability: All Taylorcraft Aviation Airplane Models listed on Type Certificates A-696 and 1A9, including BC, BCS, BC-65, BCS-65, BC12-65, BCS12-65, BC12-D, BCS12-D, BC12-D1, BCS12-D1, BC12D-85, BCS12D-85, BC12D-4-85, BCS12D-4-85, 19, F19, F21, F21A, F21B, F22, F22A, F22B, F22C

System: Wing

Issue Date: April 2, 2007

Subject: Wing Lift Strut Assembly Corrosion Inspection

Summary: Inspect for and detect any internal or external corrosion of the wing lift strut tube, and thereby prevent wing strut failure and inflight separation of the wing from the airplane resulting in loss of control of the airplane.

Open PDF: TC_2007-001.pdf