Piper PA-22 Rudder-Aileron Interconnect Removal

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Aileron-Rudder Interconnect Removal Applicable to PA-22 150 and 160hp Aircraft

The following is cited from LPC Bulletin 1033, the installation instructions for the PA-22 taildragger conversion, Page 4, Item 22, Paragraph 2 states:

Note: Under the provisions of STC SA45RM, only the PA-22 150 and 160 hp models with fixed pitch propellers licensed in the Normal category may disconnect the rudder-aileron interconnect system. For all other PA-22 models (e.g. PA-22-125 and 135 hp) that have the system disconnected, one must obtain separate FAA approval.

The rudder-aileron interconnect system may also be removed from tri-cycle geared PA-22s. Only the 150 and 160 hp models, serial numbers 22-3218, 22-3387 to 22-7642, are eligible per the PA-22 Type Certificate data sheet, 1A6 item 407. These aircraft must have a fixed pitch propeller and be licensed in the Normal category. This modification has to done in accordance with Piper drawing 14926. The PA-22-108 hp Colt, serial numbers 8000 and up, did not use the aileron-rudder interconnect system. Owners and operators of PA-22-125 and 135 hp aircraft must obtain a separate FAA approval.


The PA-20 Pacer series aircraft did not use a rudder-aileron interconnect system. When the basic design was changed into the tri-cycle geared PA-22, flight testing found that the PA-22-125 hp (first of the PA-22 series) would not recover from a spin in the prescribed number of turns to meet certification requirements. All later PA-22 series aircraft, the 135, 150 and 160 hp, retained the rudder-aileron interconnect system. The only exception was the PA-22-108 Colt. It had conventional rudder and aileron cables.