Piper PA-18

SB-910A Piper PA-18/PA-19 Wing Lift Strut Assembly Inspection Interval

The compliance time for inspection of lift strut assemblies is changed from every 5 years to every 12 months.

SB-935 Piper PA-18 Properly Installing the Aircraft Serial Number Data Plate

Installing the Name Plate Installation Kit on airplanes with improperly installed serial number data plates.

SB-966 Piper PA-18 Tail Surface Replacement

Evidence of premature internal corrosion in the steel tube structure of the vertical fin and the five tail surfaces (stabilizers, elevators, and rudder).

SB-1020 Piper Inspection of the ARTEX 110-4 ELT and ELT Attachment Bracket

Instructions for correcting possible leakage of acid into the battery case of ARTEX 110-4 ELT battery packs.

SB-1026 Piper Inspection of Dry Air Pump Flexible Couplings

A condition exists where the flexible coupling connecting the vacuum pump may fail prematurely, causing a loss of vacuum/pressure with the resultant loss of vacuum/pressure instruments and other appliances.

SB-1041 Piper Inspection and Cleaning of Airborne Air Filter Elements

The possibility exists where the airplane's gyro vacuum/pressure system may become contaminated by loose particles originating from the air filter element.

SB P-1 Univair Throttle Inspection in Piper Airplanes

Steps to preclude failure of the U12694 series throttle cables, which could cause loss of full travel of the throttle control.

SL-100 Univair Stamped Piper Aluminum Rib Field Repair Process

Outlines the repair of Univair STC'd Stamped Ribs in accordance with the original STC and FAA Advisory Circular AC 43.13-1B.

SL-150 Piper PA-18 Bungee Cables

Removal of the lower bungee cable as indicated in the attached sketch.

SL-154 Piper Addition of Felt Strips to Wing Tank Cover

Adding strips of felt to the gas tank cover to improve the clearance between the cover reinforcements and the tank.

SL-155 Piper PA-18 Muffler Tailpipe Shroud

Carburetor air take-off tube on the muffler tail pipe shroud has been cracking at the weld, resulting in partial loss in carburetor heat.

SL-161 Piper "Duraclad" Finish

Inquiries relative to the new "Duraclad" finish on our 1951 Model airplanes.

SL-162 Piper PA-18 Control Sticks

Incorporating a thru bolt (AN3-14) instead of the spring clip which was used to attach the control stick tube to the stub.

SL-169 Piper Manifold Pressure Gauge Installation

Remedy for manifold pressure gauges installed in 1951 model airplanes giving unsatisfactory service.

SL-178 Piper PA-18 Optional Oil Radiator Installation

Optional installation of Auxiliary Oil Radiator Kit which will reduce the oil temperature about 20° for engines that are running excessive oil temperatures.

SL-183A Piper PA-18 Tail Wire Clevis Fittings

Modifying applicable aircraft to incorporate the new heavier type clevises currently used in the PA-18 "125" airplanes.

SL-188 Piper PA-18A Flap Cable Installation

Possibility of the flap cables on the PA-18A becoming fouled between the hopper and the diagonal fuselage tube.

SL-189 Piper PA-18A Tailwheel Springs

Addition of one long spring leaf, part number 12567-04, to prevent anticipated damage to the rudder while operating with heavy loads in rough terrain.

SL-195 Piper PA-18A Battery Cable and Rudder Cable Interference

Procedure for correcting the installation of the battery cable to prevent interference with the left rudder cable on the PA-18A agricultural airplane.

SL-196 Piper PA-18/18A Chafing of Oil Pressure Line

Discovery of sufficient chafing between the oil pressure line and the oil radiator line to cause wear, with the possibility that in time the oil pressure line might develop a leak.