Piper J-5

SB-528D Piper Wing Lift Strut Inspection

Revises compliance time, purpose, and instructions for inspection and/or replacement of wing lift strut assembly. Also announces the availability of new sealed lift struts.

SB-819 Piper Fuselage Door Frame Tube Corrosion

Compromised structural integrity of the fuselage due to excessive rust and corrosion between steel tubing and preformed sheet steel material.

SL-100 Univair Stamped Piper Aluminum Rib Field Repair Process

Outlines the repair of Univair STC'd Stamped Ribs in accordance with the original STC and FAA Advisory Circular AC 43.13-1B.

SL-298A Obsolete Aircraft Notice From Piper

This letter is to advise all concerned that as of September 1st, 1962, the Piper Aircraft Corporation considers the following aircraft models obsolete inasmuch as they have been out of production for at least seven years.

SM-04 Piper Brake and Oleo Strut System Fluid Usage

Table showing the type of brake fluid used in airplanes manufactured by the Piper Aircraft Corporation.

SM-07 Piper J-5 Rigging Procedure

Rigging and leveling procedures for Piper J-5 aircraft.

SM-10 Piper J-3/J-4/J-5 Rib Repair Diagram

Rib repair diagram for Piper J-3, J-4, and J-5 aircraft.

SM-12 Piper Shock Cord Application

Shock cord application chart for listed Piper models.

SM-22 Piper Materials to Recover Component Parts

Approximate list of materials required to cover and finish the various component assemblies of the listed piper planes.

SM-28 Piper Miscellaneous FAA Field Approvals

The following installations have been FAA approved in the field. The party securing the approval is also listed.

SM-44 Piper J-5A/B Specifications and Performance

General specifications for Piper Cub Cruiser J5A-75 and J5B-75 (commercial models).

SM-45 Piper J-5C Specifications and Performance

General specifications for Piper Cub Super Cruiser J5C-100 (commercial models).