Lost FAA Form 8130-3 per 8130.21D(15)

Download PDF: 8130.21D15-Lost-Form-8130-3.pdf

Lost FAA Form 8130.3(15)(b)(c)


b. For export, the end user must submit a written statement to the original issuer stating that Form 8130-3 has been lost, and including evidence of the previous export and evidence that the product, part, or appliance status has not been compromised (for example, suffered damage or degradation effecting airworthiness) since the original issuance.

c. Once either of the above actions are taken, a file copy of the original form should be provided, if available. Otherwise, a new form will be issued in accordance with the appropriate section (new, export, or approval for return to service) of this order, and the words “THIS FORM 8130-3 REPLACES THE LOST FORM 8130-3 DATED (enter original issuance date)” typed in Block 13 in capital letters, and the current date entered in Block 18 for airworthiness approval or Block 23 for approval for return to service. The replacement form must have an original signature and the same data as the lost Form 8130-3.