Goodrich B13-4 Brake Drum Installation Diameter

Download PDF: Goodrich-Brake-Drum-Installation.pdf

Goodrich Brake Drum Installation

Installation of and Turning of Brake Drum


The D3-13A1 Goodrich (Hayes) wheel uses the B13-4 Brake Drum. The drum is mounted on the wheel using 6 ea AN441-6-6P steel rivets. The I.D. of the B13-4 Brake Drum is undersized and will not fit over the brake assembly when newly installed. Once the brake drum is installed it may be slightly off center given the tiny bit of play between the rivets and their holes. Once mounted, the brake drum may be turned to proper I.D. with a common center as the wheel.

The correct I.D. of the brake drum for installation is 5.015” max. 4.995” min.